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What You Need to Pack to Travel with Your ESA This Summer

What You Need to Pack to Travel with Your ESA This Summer

What time is it? Summertime! It’s finally time for fun-filled days in the sun, going to the beach, adventuring out on a spontaneous road trip, or catching a flight to somewhere you’ve never been before. As fun as it is, sometimes travel can be stressful and overwhelming. An emotional support animal can help ease your anxiety but traveling with an animal can sometimes add some extra considerations to your travel plans. Here is quick guide to what you need to pack for your emotional support animal on your next trip.

Letter of Certification

Before you travel anywhere with your emotional support animal or service animal, it’s important to make sure you have an emotional support animal letter of certification. You can get one from a licensed mental health professional who will evaluate your condition and approve you for one. To get a letter of certification quickly and conveniently, you can speak with our experts at United Support Animal today.

Gear Up

In case your dog or cat gets lost, make sure to have their collar with identity tags on them at all times. Also, if you have a service dog you will want to bring along their service dog vest and any other gear you have that helps identify them as a service animal. Don’t forget their leash or harness so you easily give them walks throughout your trip.

Crate or Carrier

Whether you are traveling by car, plane, or train, a carrier or crate is absolutely necessary to keep your furry friend from taking off in a busy airport, or from interrupting your driving in the car. Even if your dog is very well-behaved, its good to have one on hand just in case.

Food, Water, and Snacks

Like every living mammal, your emotional support animal needs food, water, and most importantly, snacks for a quality trip. Pack your favorite treats for your emotional support animal to keep them happy and satisfied on the journey. You can also buy calming treats that contain natural compounds like CBD in order to keep your support animal calm during the trip.

Food and Water Dishes

Obviously, you need something to put the food and water in, so packing dishes is important. You can buy conveniently foldable dog and cat dishes that are easy to travel with and squishable plastic ones as well.


Make sure to plan out in advance when and where you will make bathroom breaks along the trip. If you are flying, check where the airports dog park or lawn area is so you can take your pooch before and after flights. If you are on a road trip, plan to stop frequently along the way for your support animal. If you have a long flight or stretch of road, make sure to limit their food and water intake before hand so they don’t have to go on the plane or in the car. Also, take pee-pads with you just incase your animal can’t wait and needs to go on the plane or car. This way you can easily clean up the mess afterwards.

Medications and Vaccination Records

Make sure to pack any of your support animal’s medications. Consider taking along motion sickness medication from your vet, especially if your animal frequently suffers from motion sickness on long trips. Also, packing vaccination records is also important, especially if you are headed to different country. Many countries require animals to be vaccinated before they cross the border. Research restrictions and regulations in advance, as requirements may be different from country to country.

First Aid Kit

Be prepared for everything by taking a first aid kit along. Make sure to pack hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment, gauze, scissors, tape, wet wipes, flashlight, blankets, and towels. Also take your vet’s phone number and any other information you may need in an emergency.

Toys and Blankets

Pack your cat or dog’s favorite toys, blankets, and any other comforting, familiar items. This will give them something to play with or curl up in that reminds them of home and is familiar during a potentially stressful trip.

Making your summer travels as stress free as possible for both you and your emotional support animal just takes a little bit of planning in advance. This list will give you a solid starting point for what is important to take with you and what to prepare for on the journey. One of the most important things is your emotional support animal letter of certification, as this will make travel a little easier. Contact United Support Animal to get one easily today! They have easy and convenient packages designed specifically for traveling with your service or support animal.