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United Support Animals advocates for pet owners like you, 24-7, 365!

We have a Network of licensed Mental Health Professionals and Medical Doctors across the United States who provide our members and customers with legal emotional support animal documentation via the most efficient and simple customer friendly process.

Our Network of licensed Mental Health Professionals and Medical Doctors provide quick and confidential consultations to our members and customers. You DO NOT pay a dollar unless you are approved for an ESA Letter.

United Support Animals provides an Official U.S. Registry for our members and customers, where you can Register your animal in our National Database and you can obtain products and other necessary items that will help identify your pet as an emotional support animal. Here at United Support Animals, our # 1 priority is serving the needs of our clients and their pets. We take pride in understanding your needs and providing the solutions you require.

Contact us and we will provide all of the information and services you need to make the right decision for you and your pet, our agents are here to help.

Our team of specialists are always here working to assist you at:

1-800-918-3151 | support@unitedsupportanimals.org

Who we are

We are a group of animal lovers who care about the emotional health of people and thus have put together our time tested process for helping animal owners like you. We help people in many ways.

Many of us have emotional health factors that our animals unequivocally help us manage. We understand that pets can have a big determination in alleviating people from their emotional problems. And those facts are what brought the advocates at United Support Animals together to create a company that allows you to achieve BASIC RIGHTS, such as living with your pet in the housing of your choice with any breed of your choice, not having to pay extra pet security deposits or additional pet fees, and being able to fly with your pet in the cabin of an airplane at no cost.

We navigate you through the process and our years of experience and our network of Doctors are your biggest assets in your road to freedom with your pet. The discrimination stops today!

This is who we are and what we do, and we want to help you immediately obtain a more comfortable life with your Emotional Support Animal.

If you have any questions, please call us now at 800-918-3151 START REGISTRATION

What are your Rights

What are your Rights

Emotional Support Animals provide you with comfort and relief and help you deal with stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and other emotional problems.

The Fair Housing Amendments Act and the Air Carrier Access Act protect your rights in having an emotional support animal in any housing without being forced to pay any pet fees or deposits and fly in the cabin of an airplane with their owner for free.

Landlords are required to make a reasonable accommodation for someone who requires an emotional support animal that allows that person to live with the animal, even if the landlord has a no-pet policy or breed-restriction.

In order to prove that an animal is an emotional support animal you may be asked to provide documentation from a licensed professional (psychiatrist, doctor, or other mental health professional) stating that the animal is an essential part of your treatment.

A landlord or business may ask you to provide a doctor’s letter or they could deny you and your emotional support animal. All airlines require the letter. Regardless of whether you are asked to provide an ESA doctor’s letter it is very beneficial to have one on file just in case.


United Support Animals salutes our military personal and is honored to assist our members of the Armed Forces.

Emotional Support Animals offer several benefits to help treat PTSD, from reducing stress and improving your mood to bringing out feelings of love. We offer special pricing and discounts for all current and ex-military personnel.



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