Psychiatric Service Dogs

Can You Fly with a Psychiatric Service Dog?

Psychiatric Service Dog

Trying to figure out the ever-changing rules and policies of air travel with emotional support animals and service dogs can be a daunting obstacle to travel. What documentation do you need, what is your animal required to do, how do you go about getting the needed documentation; the tasks related to this issue seem endless. And what about psychiatric service dogs? Here is a quick rundown of the rules of flying with a psychiatric service dog.

Can You Fly with an Emotional Support Animal?

Now, airlines are no longer required to allow emotional support animals aboard flights. They must follow the same restrictions as normal pets. Emotional support animals are only protected under the Fair Housing Act, meaning they can live with you regardless of pet policy or fees. This, however, is the extent of their protection under federal law. Some airline policies may vary and allow emotional support animals, but this is becoming less and less common.

Can You Fly with a Service Dog?

Service dogs are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are considered necessary medical equipment. They can travel anywhere with you, including through airports and onto airplanes. You must have a diagnosed disability and your service dog must perform a specific task in relation to your disability in order for it to be considered a service dog.

Can you Fly with a Psychiatric Service Dog?

Psychiatric service dogs are specifically for individuals struggling with mental health problems or mental disabilities. Psychiatric services animals are primarily dogs who are trained to perform a specific task or tasks related to your mental health condition. This can include reminding you to take your medication, standing on you to hit calming pressure points during panic attacks, or interrupting compulsive or self-harming behaviors, as well as many other things. Psychiatric service dogs are also protected under the ADA and are allowed to accompany you in public and fly with you.

Psychiatric Service Dog Certification

In order to have a psychiatric service dog, it is important to have certification and identification for it which you can get from a licensed medical professional. The medical professional will need to diagnosis and evaluate your condition in order to approve the need for a psychiatric service dog.

Psychiatric Service Dog Training

Your service dog will need to be trained to be well behaved and calm, even in chaotic and stressful environments, like the airport. They will also need to be trained to do the specific tasks you need them to do in relation to your disability or mental illness.

In conclusion, you can fly with your psychiatric service dog, as long as you have proper certification, and have the dog well trained to handle stressful circumstances. You can learn more and get a letter of certification from our professionals at United Support Animal by calling 800-918-3151 or doing an online screening on our website.