Emotional Support Animals

How Your Emotional Support Animal Can Help Improve Your Life This Year

Looking forward into a new year feels unbelievably overwhelming. Last year was so challenging, tragic, and negative. Fear, anxiety, and depression can hit especially hard during the new year. Maybe you made a list of goals last year with high hopes for achieving great things but failed to accomplish any of them. It is easy to just focus on surviving as you enter the new year, which is perfectly okay.

However, setting reasonable, achievable goals, even if they are exceedingly small can help you feel better both physically and mentally. Even just taking baby steps in the right direction can add up and improve your life. Your emotional support animal can be your companion in achieving these goals and help you out in the coming year in many ways.

Staying Motivated and Active

Laying in bed, doing nothing is easy and what we all naturally want to do. However, in order to accomplish anything, the first step is getting up and moving. Having an animal which is dependent on you for food, water, attention, and exercise motivates you to get up every day to take care of them. They help keep you physically active and fit, as your ESA needs to go on walks and wants you to play with them. Also, having a cute face to wake up to every day makes getting out of bed way easier.

Making New Friends

Venturing out into new places and meeting new people is terrifying. However, having a community of friends and a solid support system is hugely valuable, especially to those battling a mental illness. An ESA can help you journey outside your comfort zone and meet new friends, build new relationships, and form more social connections. Having a friend by your side in your ESA can help give you the confidence you need to flourish socially. Quality friends are valuable because they can help hold you accountable for meeting your goals and taking steps towards better health.

Improving Mental health

Having an ESA can dramatically increase your mental health and well-being. Having a companion who is by your side no matter what instantly brings peace and a new level of confidence. ESAs can help you fight mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. Your mental health influences every aspect of your life, including your relationships, your job, and general quality of life. Making your mental health a priority is one of the best goals you can set. An ESA can help you on your mental health journey.

Starting a new year can be hard, especially this year. However, an ESA can help you take baby steps in the right direction and drastically improve your life. Getting your emotional support animal or service animal registered and getting a letter of certification is also an important step you can take this year. This will ensure that you can take your ESA with you wherever you go, whether that be a new apartment, traveling or a hotel. Check out United Support Animals for more information on registering your emotional support animal or service animal.