Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals Can Improve Men’s Mental Health

Emotional Support Animals Can Improve Men’s Mental Health

Emotional support animals bring much-needed comfort and joy into the lives of their owners. Nothing brightens your day like a furry face and wagging tail. They have been proven to reduce anxiety, depression and ease other mental illnesses.

Why Men Need Mental Health Support

Men communicate less and are less likely to open up about their struggles. In many cultures, crying is a sign of weakness among men, and they are not permitted to express themselves. Emotional support animals can help men specifically in a couple of different ways.

Ways Emotional Support Animals Can Help Men

Providing Non-Verbal Comfort

Emotional support animals can help improve many mental health issues simply by their presence. One great thing about emotional support animals is you don’t verbally have to explain anything to them; they are simply there, no matter what. When verbal communication is a boundary to finding comfort, an animal can help break down this obstacle.

Assistance via Tasks

Another way emotional support animals can assist men in their mental health is by being trained to do certain things to assist them. Alleviating the owner’s panic attacks by waking them up from nightmares or pawing at them to interrupt certain actions are a benefit of having a support animal. If they are trained to do a specific task related to a mental disability, they may qualify as a psychiatric service dogs. Service dogs have much broader privileges and can accompany their owners in more settings.

Ease Social Anxiety

Seeking help can be the first step towards hope and healing.
An emotional support animal or service animal can also help reduce social anxiety and offer an easier way to start a conversation.
An emotional support animal or psychiatric service dog can ease loneliness and depression and bring joy to its owners through the process of healing.

In order to have all the rights that come with these animals, you will need an emotional support animal or psychiatric service animal letter of certification. These are easy to get online from one of our qualified experts here at United Support Animal. Contact us today to learn more at 800-918-3151