Emotional Support Animals

Can Emotional Support Animals Help with Grief?

Support Animals Help with Grief

Losing a loved one or a friend is one the hardest experiences we can go through in life. The waves of loss and grief can be absolutely overwhelming and make it feel as though we are drowning in sorrow. Grief for the loss of someone close will likely always be there to some degree but overtime you can heal. Having an emotional support animal through the grieving process can help you cope in several ways.

Emotional Support Animals Can Sense Sadness

Animals can sense when we are down and sad and curl up beside us, providing comfort and peace without requiring any words on our part. It can be a huge relief to have an animal present with you who understands how you feel without you having to talk about it. That is why Support Animals Help with Grief and in other hardest time in someone’s life

Emotional Support Animals Can Provide Routine

An animal needs to be fed, watered, and walked or played with regularly and they will most likely not let you forget it. When you feel like completely shutting down due to grief, an emotional support animal can help bring you back to the present. They will wake up at the same time reminding you they need to be fed, and beg you to take them on walks, forcing you to be more active on a regular basis. These things can benefit your mental health a lot through your healing journey.

Emotional Support Animals Can Provide a Positive Distraction

When life seems grey and meaningless, emotional support animals can provide a spark of joy with their cute faces and endless antics. Focusing on these small good things in life can help lift you out of your grief, if even for a moment. Emotional support animals can also be trained to interrupt negative behaviors and habits as well.

Support Animals Help with Grief

Having a soft furry presence at your side during the long hard days can provide a great deal of comfort. Animals love us unconditionally, which is a great and rare gift. As you process the grief you are walking through, an emotional support animal can bring comfort and peace.

How To Get an Emotional Support Animal

In order to get an emotional support animal, you will need to get an emotional support animal letter of certification from a medical or mental health professional certifying your need for it. Once you have this letter, you will be able to live anywhere with your emotional support animal regardless of pet policy or fees. This is because emotional support animals are protected under the Fair Housing Act. You can easily get a letter from our experts at United Support Animal today. Take our pre-screening test now or call us at 800-918-3151.