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Can an Emotional Support Animal Help You Through a Breakup?

Emotional Support Animal Help

Going through a bad breakup can be one of the most awful and life-altering experiences a human being can go through. Losing the person who was your everything is enough to leave anyone feeling depressed, anxious, lost, angry, and hopeless. Statistically speaking, most people go through three major breakups in their lifetime and take over a year and a half to recover. This recovery time is especially long and difficult. However, if your negative emotions are taking over your life, an emotional support animal may help, along with other tools such as therapy or medication if necessary.

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal is an animal that provides relief to individuals with mental illness through companionship. Emotional support animals may be any type of pet and are not recognized as service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means they cannot travel with you or go out in public with you the way a service animal could. They are however protected by the Fair Housing Act, meaning they can live anywhere with you regardless of pet policies or fees.

What are the Benefits of an Emotional Support Animal?

Owning an emotional support animal has many benefits. Here are just a few:

• Ease anxiety
• Reduce stress
• Encourage physical activity
• Reduce loneliness
• Reduce depression
• Offer unconditional love
• Help to stabilize intense emotions
• Offer companionship
• Provide encouragement
• Help produce neurotransmitters in the brain
• Increase positive mood
• Provide a source of joy
• Be a source of comfort
• Provide a reason to get up everyday

This list provides just a few examples of the way owning an emotional support animal can make your day-to-day life better and help you overcome the anxiety and depression that comes with a breakup.

How Can an Emotional Support Animal Help You Through a Breakup?

Emotional support animals provide a cute furry face asking to be fed first thing in the morning, forcing you to get up and start your day. They require exercise and play, forcing you to also exercise, play, and get in some physical activity. They provide a comforting presence and unconditional love helping to ease the loneliness and grief of losing someone. Their company can ease your depression and anxiety as you navigate a difficult time. Going through a breakup is always rough, and often requires a lengthy time of grief and healing. An emotional support animal can help you through this journey.

United Support Animals

If you are interested in getting an emotional support animal, you will need an emotional support animal letter of certification. You can get one by talking to our experts at United Support Animal today at 800-918-3151 or by taking our pre-screening test.