Deluxe Package

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The Deluxe package includes

The Deluxe Package pet ID card, vest, collar, leash and tag offers you and your ESA the most official and visual protection and with the registration certificate and ESA Letter you will have the documentation to prove it.

  • ESA Housing Letter
  • ESA Travel Letter
  • Signed by Licensed Therapist
  • Lifetime ESA Registration
  • ESA Registration Certificate
  • ESA Pet ID Card
  • ESA Vest
  • ESA Collar
  • ESA Tag
  • ESA Leash
  • Digital Registration Certificate
  • Digital Pet ID Card
  • Free Shipping
  • Money Back Guarantee
Owner Information
Animal Information
ESA Collar
ESA Leash
ESA Vest
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$379 $189 Save 50%

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